What makes me different?

Most of the people need to change them home a several times per life. We often invest our entire family assets into real estate and we are accompanied by a lot of worries and uncertainties. Selection the right real estate partner will guarantee you the peace and quiet during selling your home. I consider a professional photographer, ground plan, homestaging, or legal service as standard. Difference is primarily here.

I am a real estate agent of RE/MAX, which has been on the market for more than 46 years. During this time, the company has accumulated a many experience and It was reached a sales model that is based on ethics, high transparency and proven sales methods. I am a member of strongest franchise network of RE/MAX G8 Reality with more than 250 brokers and 16 offices. We have internal pairing system, where we can add your property to let see it more than 1 300 agents.

One of the most desirable digital marketing agencies in the Czech Republic is consulting, designing and implementing marketing activities in real estate sales. Česká spořitelna, Vodafone, E.ON or Airbank relies on them. How you like it if this agency would be involved into selling your property?

I am one of the few brokers that provides technical inspection of the property. These services are a standard in some developed countries, and sometimes a legal obligation. The buyer gets a list of property defects and does not buy a pig in a poke. On the other hand, the seller is certain that the buyer knows everything about potential defects and cannot claim them for the next 5 years (statutory period).

Marketing knowledge and experience

I came into real estate from marketing agencies. In addition, I have studied marketing communication at VŠFS. I apply all my knowledge and experience in real estate and I can show your property to more relevant people, with using of modern approaches to marketing.

Certified Law Firm

Legal services will be provided by the Hrubý & Buchvaldek office. Lawyers of this company have a long experience in real estate and certificate issued by RE/MAX headquarters. The office also has liability insurance.


An Electronic auction is one of the modern ways of selling real estate. My job is to arouse interest in as many potential buyers as possible to challenge among themselves about your property!

Active Sales

I have my own database of investors and buyers, where I write or call with every new business case. Once a week I attend a meeting where I actively present your property to more than 50 RE/MAX G8 Reality group brokers.

Ethics and fair trade

It sounds like an empty phrase, but ethics is everything and a reputation only one for me. I am not merely linking supply with demand. I defend my client’s interests and act fairly with all stakeholders.

Handing over the keys does not stop there

Did you know that every January you need to file a tax return for the property? The first year I will help the buyer or the seller. You will have less worries.

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